True Wisdom True Immunity

In two weeks I will have you cured of any disease and immune to future disease but I prefer to be a teacher when I heal.  When I work with someone, I do heal them through their own immune system giving them total and natural immunity to all disease but I also teach them in hopes that they will help others.  Combined training with healing allows a person to remain immune to disease for a lifetime as the body will always require proper electrochemical control. When one leaves here their proper electrochemical control will be involuntary but in time with age or with trauma the body may need some voluntary control again.  With training, a person can heal their family and friends.

My fee for One on One healing and training is $1800 for two weeks and that fee is reduced to only $900 if you one attends in a group setting.  It is so much easier and more efficient to train in a group setting and because training is my desired goal I offer the group discount.  You will find information on my group discounts on my Facebook group page Why Not be Immune to Disease.

For those who cannot stay for two weeks and wish only to be trained to heal I do offer a one week training course for only $500.  In this class I will be teaching you how to heal yourself and others but instead of me healing you I will training you to heal yourself for when you get back home.  It takes more than a week to heal, usually two weeks, sometime longer for the very sick and ill. 

The next upcoming group session will be July 11th through the 24th and you can sign up now.  Because it is a group the two week treatment and training will be $900 per person.  A person can attend the second week for training only for the $500 fee. 

FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN THE ONE WEEK TRAINING ONLY, this will only work if you have someone, anyone at home who will extend an arm for you to muscle test with.   They do not have to be trained or come to any session here, they just have to be willing to let you use their arm.  I suggest you make them immune to disease for their services.