True Wisdom True Immunity

Question and Answers

How long does it take to restore immunity and cure a disease?

The length of time for a person to restore their immune system curing any disease in the process varies from person to person.  The overall condition of the person plays a role in the time frame; a younger person with only a few things wrong will recover much faster than an older person with many things wrong with them.  The amount of stress a person carries will make the process take more time.   A client’s ability to sleep well or not sleep well will affect the time it takes.

I ask for two weeks with most clients because two weeks gives the client and me enough time achieve full immunity and a cure for any existing disease.  I will ask for more time for people who are extremely ill or in other words more taxed and fragile.   

Is there any specific diet for the process of restoring immunity and curing disease?

Yes, while restoring immunity and curing disease for two weeks more for the more fragile clients they will need to avoid carbs and sugars.  Minimal carbs and sugars will be allowed.  Once the client’s immune system is fully restored and all disease is cured I have them gradually reintroduce carbs and sugars back into their diet. 

What can I drink while restoring my immune system and curing disease?

One must drink sufficient water while restoring immunity and curing disease.    Water is a key component in all immune functions.  It is used to cleans the body of toxins and waste as well as any pathogens the body kills.  The body must have full waste removal capacity when immunity is being restored.

Can I drink coffee, tea or alcohol?

One should not drink coffee, tea or alcohol, but there are exceptions with coffee or tea.  Peace of mind is also critical for efficient healing and immune functions and if a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee brings sufficient peace of mind it can be tolerated but it will slow the process down.  If at all possible one would want to wean themselves off of coffee and tea before they make the trip.  A person seeing me will be expected to sleep instead of stimulating themselves with caffeine.   It is never a good idea to drink alcohol while restoring immunity or curing disease. 

How much hands on work and time will I be involved with?

The initial treatment/session takes an hour or so mostly for the sake of explaining what is taking place and then it is off to rest with a brief follow up later in the day that can take only a few minutes.  Because I train most of my clients I tend to spend more time with them always allowing for ample sleep and relaxing.  The training part is the more time consuming of the work.  Usually a couple of hours a day worked out during the follow up visits.  The reason for follow ups twice a day is to ensure the body and brain maintain the initial programming.   A rough night or a traumatic event can interrupt the process which is why we do two follow ups a day to ensure steady progress. 

Will I remain immune to disease forever if I stay two weeks?

If you are extremely disciplined you can remain immune to disease for a very long time however any traumatic event can tax the body and brain to a point where potential failure can occur which is why I train my clients so they can take a few minutes and reset anytime they need to.   All clients will have access to training refresher videos and access to me for any questions or concerns with no additional fees.

Will I be able to heal others?

It is my fervent hope that all my clients leave me and return home to cure friends, family and anyone else in need.  I train my clients to heal others.

Will I have to learn to muscle test?

Yes you will have to learn to muscle test.  You cannot learn to properly muscle test for actual healing from anyone or any institution but me.  Previous training in muscle testing will not aid in learning correct muscle testing. 

Do I need a partner to muscle test in order to work on myself?

Yes, you will have to have a willing partner to do any healing work.  That partner does not have to be trained in healing they just have to be willing to let you use their arm and be willing to apply themselves to the task.  No sloppy intuitive testing allowed.

Will True Wisdom True Immunity cure the disease known as Herpes and lead to a negative test?

Yes, the work I do and teach will cure the disease known as HSV and will always lead to a negative test.  It can take six months to a year for the existing antibodies to die off and drop into a negative range.

Will True Wisdom True Immunity cure the disease known as “cancer”?

Yes, though there is no scientific factual date regarding the disease known as “cancer” the immune system can cure any actual cause for “cancer” signs and symptoms and will cure the patient, not just put them in remission?

Can True Wisdom True Immunity cure people who have undergone Chemotherapy or Radiation?

Yes it can, but there is no guarantee that there will be enough immune system left to cure people who have traumatized their body with chemo and or radiation.  It takes a very strong healthy person just to survive chemo or radiation and some who do survive it will still be strong enough to use their immune system to cure the true cause of the suffering but some will not.   Curing the suffering known as “cancer” is always done best before chemo and radiation is used.

Is there any disease that cannot be cured?

No there is no disease that cannot be cured by the immune system.  However some disease if left alone too long will lead to permanent damage that may not be reversed through obtaining full immunity.  Examples are arthritis which though cured there some disfiguration and deterioration may remain.  When cure of diabetes one will typically be able to consume normal foods and diet again and discontinue their insulin but there blood sugar level may not drop down to the normal range of someone who has never been diabetic.  The body will adapt to whatever range the body can naturally maintain.  There is always a sense of urgency for becoming immune to disease and disease free before any permanent damage becomes an issue. 

Should I keep using my natural herbs and supplements I have already purchased?

There is no practical or logical reason too.

Do you offer anything that doesn’t take a two week stay with you?

In a group setting I will offer a one week training class where a person can come for the training only and go back home and work on themselves or others when the time is right for going without carbs and taking a break from the stressful rat race.