As hard as it is to believe, there is only one way to heal or cure disease through

natural or alternative medicine and that is through the client’s/patient’s very

own immune system.  No natural product, gadget or medical modality or

technique will heal or cure patients unless their own immune system is triggered

and engages its immune functions and defense. 

Sadly this fact means that all natural and alternative medicine is at best a placebo

with or in most cases without the effect.  The FDA requires double and triple blind

testing to test pharmaceutical drugs and though they will pass just about any

drug despite the fact that the drug does not cure or prevent disease, it does not

mean the science behind the double or triple blind study is not valid and sound

when used righteously. 

What is more disappointing is there is no quality control or oversight over what can be called or classified as “natural” or “alternative” medicine.   No natural or alternative medicine is required to pass double or triple blind testing in order to be validated as true useful medicine.   Quite frankly the products or gadgets do not have to prove to do anything at all to be qualified as “natural or alternative” medicine.   The reason this is the case is because no “natural” or “alternative” medicine will pass double or triple blind testing processes.  If you don’t know you are taking them and why you are taking them they will not help you.

Natural and alternative medicine will not prove effective in any double or triple blind study because they can only work through a placebo EFFECT.  Without the EFFECT there can be no healing and ONLY the patient’s own body can create the EFFECT. 

Here at True Wisdom True Immunity we fully understand this matter of scientific fact.  We know ONLY your body can cure and heal you.  We know that all “natural and alternative” medicine and products are indeed placebos at best.   Because we embrace this simple truth it has allowed us to discover how “placebos” work.  Most of all, it motivated us to figure out what takes place when a placebo EFFECT and actual healing takes place and we can reproduce the EFFECT on command for precise consistent healing.  

There are three ways the body can trigger its own healing and cures. 
1) The patient can use a “natural or alternative” placebo medicine or product in hopes they will trigger an immune response all on their own which is the least effective way to trigger an immune response today.

2) A natural practitioner or “healer” can use their own mind to trigger their patient’s immune system through the use of their PLACEBOS they BELIEVE IN to achieve effective immune responses in their patients.   This must be done face to face.  Face to face they can make their products and medicine more effective placebos through their own intent on them healing their patients.  They do not know they are doing this which is why so few natural doctors or practitioners can help their patients today.  Old school natural doctors like Dr. Sebi can still do this but only well enough to cure maybe 10% of their patients at best and I am not sure if Dr. Sebi even knows he is doing this.

3) This is what we do here at True Wisdom True Immunity, we skip the gimmick placebo products and techniques and we focus on exactly what it takes to trigger the human immune system and immune processes with perfect precision.  Here at TWTI, we relay the electrochemical signals that are required to activate the EFFECT part of the placebo effect.  We do not rely on luck and hope.  We simply command the body to do what the body already wants to do and is designed to do.   It takes an electrochemical signal to activate any healing and we can produce the right electrochemical signals.  If you get a cut and you don’t put anything on it or even bandage it, your body will recognize and heal the cut by sending electrochemical signals that engage the whole healing process so you know you can heal. 

The human body and brain will utilize ANY correct electrochemical signal whether the patient emits it themselves or if someone like TWTI emits it on the patient’s behalf. 

Here at TWTI, we have the precise ability to detect and diagnose immune failures and malfunctions and what is most important we have the ability to trigger electrochemical signals without any products or medicine in order manifest true matter of fact scientific healing and cures, ultimately rendering our clients and patients not only cured of disease but immune to future diseases as well. 

We can do this because we respect the truth and demand perfect results.  The science behind REAL matter of fact healing is not investigated or addressed anywhere in the world so you will not be able to use Google or Wikipedia to verify any information regarding true natural healing.  This is not the Age of Information it is the Age of Misinformation.   True Wisdom True Immunity is the only source for true healing information and REAL healing. Call of email for an appointment. 

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