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Why aren’t you aware of your own natural ability to be immune to disease?

Human Immunity offers the ability for humans to be immune to disease.   It’s a rare notion yet who wouldn’t want to be immune to disease?  It would have to be a miracle, right?

Are you aware of anyone today who doesn’t have a disease?  Think of a few?  Now do any of them take medications or have ailments, even something as seemingly minor as allergies, psoriasis, lactose intolerance, hair loss or dandruff?   Who’s left on your list now?  It is likely a short list and you may not find your own name on it.  You may have to dig deep to recall someone who is indeed disease free. But if there is, they are an example of someone immune to disease.

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That is an impressive statement and what it tells us is people can be healthy, as designed.  To be healthy one must be immune to disease.

Could it be that society simply has no concept of Immunity? After listing just a few diseases above; the “notion” seems pretty farfetched.   Why don’t we know more about Human Immunity?  Why are some people immune and healthy while others are not?  Is it connected to not being able to bottle and sell the human capacity to be immune to disease?   Maybe it’s because we can’t transplant immune systems?

Or maybe it’s because there’s no money in healthy, immune people?  Whatever it is, the Human Immune System isn’t getting any respect!  Not by natural or western medicines, no respect at all. That isn’t an overstatement.   Commercially it appears they have a vested interest in seeing people become immune, but they aren’t getting it done, so maybe their perceived interest is nothing more than propaganda.

Today those immune to disease are rare.   Thirty years ago immunity was more common.  As example, I’m almost 45 years old and when I was 12 I went to school with mostly healthy, immune kids. There were only a couple of kids in the school who had any existing disease or chronic conditions.  Most all the kids were disease free and without allergies and behavioral disorders.   Today it’s extremely rare to find a healthy 12 year old.  It’s almost impossible to find a child that doesn’t suffer one or more of the following; allergies, asthma, diabetes, bed wetting, lactose intolerance, psoriasis, eczema, ADD or an even more serious diagnosis.  

It’s a discouraging state for the human race as we become increasingly fragile by the day.  Is it because of food and toxins we consume, don’t we know more about health & nutrition than ever before, or is it something more logical but never considered by those who need the most help?  

Someone who‘s still healthy today, has an immune system still engaged.  That same person is evidence that we should respect the fact that it is possible the human immune system is intended to offer immunity.  But if there’s no vested interest from today’s medicine to acknowledge the capability of an immune system, then whose responsibility is it to figure out what makes the human immune system succeed or fail?  Who’s going to demand a look into what the human immune system is capable of?  Awareness threatens the need for the majority of our current health care industry.  I hope you will consider immunity, if for no other reason than making the conversation more socially acceptable.  Were it to be acceptable, humans could consider being immune and healthy while letting the economy find its own way to heal from loss of healthcare jobs and industry.  

I don’t have a degree in biochemistry, any field of science, or medicine.  Now that I’ve addressed this, many of you will stop reading now. That’s alright.  I credit my lack of official education as to why I was able to look at the facts without prejudice or bias. It has also given me the opportunity to focus on positive and permanent results.  I saw plenty of immune and healthy kids so I wanted to know why some are and some aren’t.   I did figure it out.  I do know why some people are immune and others are not. But the key is I also know how to create and maintain immunity and how to offer it to others.  It comes in a method free of medicine, products, or gadgets; it’s in the form of wisdom.  For the past 20 years I have dedicated my time and energy on studying and proving our species has the capacity to be immune to disease.   I have helped hundreds regain their immune system.  In most cases they didn’t come to me to be immune, they came to be cured. Originally, I thought it was me that was curing them, but I learned it wasn’t.  I came to understand that what I was doing was restoring their immune capability, which then engaged immune defenses and not only cured their disease, but made them immune to future diseases as well.

To achieve full immunity one must first gain wisdom and through wisdom one must accept that people are capable of being healthy and disease free.  Wisdom sparks the quest and desire for immunity.   When you realize humans have immune systems that can provide immunity to disease, you’ll want yours to do the same.  A person who disregards their own immune capacity seals their frail state and nothing at all can be done for them.   I am writing this as the holiday season is approaching and no doubt while gathering around the table for a Thanksgiving feast, someone will express their gratitude for ‘their good health and the health of their loved ones’.    “You don’t have anything if you don’t have your health.”  Well the fact is folks you don’t have your health.  The definition of health has become watered down and for good reason.  If the meaning wasn’t diluted, nobody would qualify as healthy.  We have to be told that most of us are healthy otherwise it would raise suspicion.

So how do we achieve immunity as intended?  Though immunity is complicated to explain or understand, actually obtaining true immunity isn’t difficult at all.  A person who is immune to disease is a person who is effectively sending and receiving accurate electrochemical signals.  The signals notify the body when a threat has been detected and then the signals relay the command to activate an immune response.  When this occurs, the immune defense can effectively engage just as the immune system is designed to do and immunity is the result.

If we are design to be healthy then why do we fail to be immune to disease?  Primarily it is due simply to a lack of communication within our bodies.  Our bodies and brains are too taxed and confused therefore the body fails to recognize threats and the needed proper strategic defense is not engaged.  Immunity fails when the body does not have the capacity to run its own diagnostic checks.  Left unchecked malfunctions and pathogenic threats grow.  It is generally believed that humans only use about 15% of the brain.  It is probably true because humans have stopped using the part of the brain that provides immunity to disease and in doing so we neglect the only thing in this life we have full control over.  It is possible to damage our immune systems by injury or poison but this is rarely the case despite the popular notion that GMO foods and toxins are doing us all in.  The lymphatic system can easily handle the toxins found in commercially grown or engineered foods provided one drinks adequate water and gets adequate sleep.

So if we are consistently failing, “How do we get our brains and bodies to regain our natural ability to operate our own immune systems?”  There was a time when “natural medicine” was very effective and a person stood a very good chance of seeing a “natural” doctor and being cured.  Old school effective healers were effective because they learned their trade from someone else who was also effective.  Now days, “natural” doctors are trained by people who cannot cure themselves of anything and the students are equally incapable of curing or healing.  

The common denominator of effective healing and curing disease as used by old school “natural” healers was their subconscious use of electrochemical communication.  Your brain and my brain communicate without wires.  When you’re next to a person while in a pleasant, optimum environment and stress-free state of mind, your brain is equally aware of what’s going on internally with the person next to you.  It’s a subconscious awareness.  You wouldn’t be consciously aware, but the part of the brain that humans stumble to utilize effectively will indeed be aware.  The signals your brain uses are the same signals another person’s brain uses, and the transmitters and receivers detect signals from others just as well as they detect their own signals.  How does this apply to old school healers who were much more effective?  Old school healers were effective because they unknowingly and unintentionally linked up subconsciously with their patients and created a remote kind of command center on their patient’s behalf.  Old school healers actually unknowingly transmitted immune engaging electrochemical signals to their patients that would give their patients the ability to do what their own brain command center was failing to do.  

For there to be any kind of healing in natural healing or natural medicine, someone has to have an electrochemical command center involved in the task of healing.  If the patient is under stress and suffering they will not have the ability to accurately send electrochemical signals so the healer must do it on the patient’s behalf.  

Any natural healing in the history of man is a result of a correct electrochemical signal. The most consistent and effective healers send the signals themselves to their patients.  Less effective doctors, including today’s doctors of natural medicine are actually and unknowingly relying on their patients to generate the correct electrochemical signals for themselves, even though they do not know that is what they are doing.  Because man is getting frailer by the day while stress is more prevalent, it is getting increasingly more difficult for patients to generate their own electrochemical immune signals on their own.  Now it is absolutely critical a person meet someone who is immune to disease, which can provide and communicate an example of proper electrochemical command.  

Society is getting further and further away from the natural state of Human Immunity because it is getting further away from truth.  People have died of disease since the beginning because man didn’t vest interest in knowing about how the immune system is designed, man pursued medicine instead.
Once a person regains control over their immune system, then, as nature intended, it becomes an involuntarily action again or perhaps for the first time in their lives.  Those who become immune to disease in turn have the capability to teach.  Time is short and humans have never been more fragile.   It is up to individuals, not industry, to choose to restore our species immune capability.  Will enough individuals create a shift towards a healthier world?  Not if they can’t openly discuss the capacity of the Human Immune System.  And if not to be discussed then lack of wisdom may prove to be our demise.