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True Immunity for True Cures also known as True Wisdom True Immunity is about healing disease and preventing disease using the science behind all natural healing.  Natural and Holistic medicine can never be effective unless it is used to trigger the patient’s own immune system and immune processes.  Natural medicine of any modality is utterly useless if the patient’s immune system and immune processes are not stimulated and triggered to engage.

Here at True Immunity for True Cures we do not rely on any products, instead we rely on the human body and brain to cure disease and to provide immunity towards futures diseases.   We are the only natural healing practitioners on the planet that rely solely on the scientific fact that the patient’s own immune system has to do the healing and cure the patient.  Products only succeed when a placebo effect is generated and because we do not rely on products or placebo effects we can trigger any immune response or process on command with precise control.

All we need from our patients is two weeks or pure high quality rest, pure water, no carbs, no sugars and minimal to no chemicals such as coffee or tobacco.  This is for two weeks which is usually sufficient for most, maybe a week or two longer for those who are extremely ill.

For our patients who can follow these guidelines they will be cured of any disease because that is how efficient and effective their immune systems and immune processes are.   Not only will they be cured of any disease they can remain immune to all disease if they can maintain a somewhat reasonable lifestyle.

If you wish to be cured of a disease and you can dedicate two weeks to allow your body to cure you, please contact us and let us be of service to you.

True Immunity for True Cures